Monday, March 13, 2006

Simply Besty

What makes Betsy a real Betsy is that she is simply Betsy. Now if you ask me why, even after you knowing her for so long, I would be forced to conclude that you just read some article from ET that your head is spinning and you are seeing all those sensex charts and Tata Birlas going round and round.

May be ‘cos I don’t usually include her in my mailing list or ‘cos this doesn’t damage her hard earned reputation of Simply Being Betsy, she opened up this morning. We should appreciate her spirit. ‘cos confessions are hard to come by(except for the I lied to Mummy and I went for movie with D types John makes in the confession box, to the poor vegetarian priest :-))

I have all my sympathy. Its not the first time in human history that people mistake somebody else’s very personal possession to be theirs. That can be entirely unintentional at times. (Now you know the philosophy behind 3 Nokia chargers becoming 2 all of a sudden). That was all that happened. For that matter even I have noticed, my tooth brush was gullibly same to that of my moms at one point of time. When I bought it, it had that look of the ones they show in TV ads. The next week it looked like it went into an ever chewing cows mouth for 2 hours at a stretch. Between these two time fames, there were a day it looked just like a twin brother (or sister) of my mom's brush. It was sheer sense of inner strength that helped me in choosing the right one (whether it was mine or hers).

I know you hypocrites would make faces as if a silly mistake would attract capital punishment by IPC section ABC. But I whole heartedly understood her feelings when she told me between her sobs that hers and Reema’s has only one difference (whatever it is, the poor thing couldn’t even recollect). But as every other good girl she also brushed her teeth every morning. (I skip it these days ‘cos I think I kept my brush at Reshmi’s place. I will resume once I go to her place next week). Now it is upto you to blame her for being hygienic. Thing were going well till this morning when Reema woke up earlier than usual. Usually she is up only after we leave. Her boss knows that she always has appointments with clients in the morning so he expects her in office only in the afternoon. And today, for a change, she wanted to brush her teeth!!!!!!!!! She really wanted to!!!!!!!!!!

Now, after the enlightenment that the only brush in the bathroom is shared by those two lovely roomies (and three as per Betsy. I thought of joing in her misery than revealing I simply don’t use one) for the last one month or so, I am not sure if she did brush or not. They usually wear each other kurtas and T Shirts. So I don’t think that was a problem. But still, a toothbrush is a little too personal. People tend to get senti over such things.

The world out there is a cruel bloody world. They preach you the list of things to do that’s beyond the original call of nature and when you finally give in, they point their finger at you (no, not that finger). Now you know it is not her fault that she is Simply Betsy.


Blogger Heart of Gold !! said...

Poor souls !! making a mountain out of a molehill is what i think.... and mind my words when i say i think there is not a iota of truth in the "sadly brush my teeth like a good girl".... these girls are the kind of ppl who would not bother to brush their teeth even if offered a million!!

And look at her lamenting on the whole issue and making the joker of a poor soul guy who atleast makes confessions to the priest !!
In a way, it would be a boon that the religion the author follows doesnt practice the act of confession. Cmon, you have to feel for the clergy if these ppl open their boxes of incorrigible deeds!!
god saved them is all i can think of!

keep blogging angel (who brushes her teeth every second, isnt it?)

2:54 AM  
Blogger Rose said...

Well johnie... actually thats making a mountain out of an over-abused tooth-brush.

U r rite dew drops... "The world out there is a cruel bloody world." and this time I am pointing the finger at u (ya. ya. that finger itself).

Besides... I embrace the author's religion not bcoz she will not have to open her boxes of incorrigible deeds but bcoz she will not have to open that incorrigible mouth...

And btw Mr. Heart of Gold, even ur sect of religion does not practice the act of confession... THANK GOD!!!


4:31 AM  
Blogger Heart of Gold !! said...

I am surprised !! Astounded!!
At that comment from the ROSE.

ARZ hai.......
So is the comment from ROSE
The language was anything but ROSE.
To be frank, its somewhere near GROSS.
Anyways we still like our ROSE.

thank you for the "irsshhhhhhaaaaaaddddd", fellow bloggers!

Anyways, getting down to business, the comment would still be rude if at all i accept it. But then again since it comes from a soul who God would count as belonging to the opposition team ... i am not sure.

Let me narrate this incident with Rose. Dates back to the time i made the mistake of this company....

Rose, who was my acquiantance from my schooling days, ( thank you for the condolences and sympathetic looks, fellow bloggers ) was already located in this 'new to me' city ... please read that 'located' as 'settled', 'comfortable', blah blah..... she knew every icecream parlour and eat out joints (rather, the people out there could close their shops early and get home if Rose would visit them for a light tea session).

Me, being a person, who never had to make a decision, was convinced that there is someone up there who thought my bald head is worth looking at rather than my frowning face....

Sunday, being the seventh day of creation, god liked what he made and took rest on the seventh day...... this falls the base of people of my creed observing the day as holy.

Me eagerly suggested that we will go to the same place of worship that weekend. (note that the word 'suggested' is used to emphasize that Rose always was a devout and therefore, I did not understand the need to invite her to the place of worship.)

She was fashionably late by 10 minutes, for which she apologized with that sweet (or so she thinks)smile. But upto that moment, I was unaware of the events that would follow.

This I mention becase she was clad in White with a matching lace duppatta . After getting together at the Begumpet bus stop, I asked her which church we were going to (as i was not aware of the places of worship around)...... Then came the confession ........

(Please note that this lady is known for such confessions - refer to dewdrop's blog 'Being Rose'.)

The lady finally confessed that the Creator would certainly be surprised at a new voice in the congregation that day.

And this lady who could fool an atheist of belonging to their clan, tells me about confession.....hmmmphh!!!

But she really is sweet though; and I hear she has charted her plans to be close to the Creator.... God bless her !! (She is already blessed a lot .... now more of these would phase us all out in the race for survival)

Take care

7:05 AM  

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