Friday, April 07, 2006

The life of a refugee ...

Before starting to Mumbai, a friend told me that I should book well in advance; otherwise I wouldn’t even get the footpath to stay. Having not done that, now I regret.

Today I’m on my third exodus in 2 months time. Thanks to my local guardian, thornyrose, I always had some bed to rest my head on.

*Gasp* I would have taken that friend’s advice seriously.

Consider I had actually booked the footpath space

~ Dream ~

Tonight I would go to that place near the station. Proudly put my tent. I think first I should make acquaintance with my neighbors and assure that I am just a guest for 2 months. (Hopefully, a new all furnished flat with peanuts for rent and a charming guy for a neighbour is waiting for me to discover it. I strongly believe in miracles).

For tonight, I may be invited by one of those bighearted neighbors for dinner. Even if they don’t I’ll manage with some chaat or vada paav readily available on the street. Plus a coke and its bed time. I am taking some newspapers from office. I have enuf to make a two inch thick bed. And one of my duppattas can serve as a sheet. Wow … life is so adventurous.

In the morning I’ll start a little early to office. May be reach here early by 30 mins. We have a spacious ladies room here. Can take a luxurious bath and all other inevitables of morning time and be the first in office.

Tomorrow I’ll buy a kerosene stove. Two aluminum dishes, one Vim bar, one scrubber and one knife. I think 2 kg of rice will do for 1 week. One kg daal, 250 gms each of tomato, onion and one vegetable. Oops.. salt, coriander powder and chilli powder…

Mehnaath ki kamaayi, khar ka khana and apna khar ka aaram … I am getting goosebumps… I will live the life of a true Indian, among those true Indians. May be one of those Discovery Channel program will show an interview with me. – India and its thriving footpaths.

Man, I never thought it can be such a blessed life.

~ The End ~

~ Reality ~

Since that golden opportunity is gone and by the time I get a place in the footpath I’ll be in another city, in another office blogging about something else, let me tweak the case to fit into my current situation. Too many MBAs spoil the case. So I am not inviting thornyrose.

I think God has intentionally made me so tiny a creature so that I fit into every small place. I guess I can hide in one of these office shelves tonight. And after everyone leaves I may come out (provided I am not choked to death in which case tomorrow they will find me in my scariest dead self). That is a less expensive proposition.

All that I have to weigh now is if I want the comfort of my office Air Conditioning or I want the Discovery Interview fame … Such baffling alternatives ..... *Sigh again*

~ Interval. I got to think hard before office ends for the day ~


Blogger Rose said...


So does that really mean u'l take refuge in a cupboard and not infest my abode with ur abominable presence???

... I look up at the heavens singing praises to Lord Almighty with tears of happiness in my eyes... I slowly drift away into another world...


I wake up to the bird chirping sweetly instead of "HER" snores and the kicks she gives me in "HER" sleep....

I have the loo all to myself instead of having "HER" taking asylum in it for hours together , making me wonder if "SHE" is hatching eggs in there!!!

I dont have "HER" attacking my precious treasure.. foooood...

Life indeed is beautiful...

Tring.. Tring...

~Back to Reality~

The phone is ringing...

SHIT!!! Its "HER".. "SHE" tells me she is dun with "HER" wrk and is ready to cum home wid me...


7:09 AM  

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