Saturday, May 20, 2006

When it rains

It is pouring back homeā€¦

What is it that I love about rains?
The smell of the soil after the first rain.

What I hate about rains?
I am scared of the thunder and the lightning. (But that adds to its beauty, right?)

Worst ever rain?
Amma was alone at home with my kid brother. All through the night it rained badly with lighting that struck the tree in front of our house. All she could do was to pray and she was taken care of. Thank God.

Best recollection?
If Achan is at home, he gets some roasted peanuts or chana and we wait for Amma to return. Then she makes tea. Then we all wait near the stair case and make small boats and float them in the water.

Johnai, share your memories. Baby, you too. Rafeeq & Daffodil, you are welcome too. And everyone who posts a comment has to answer these 4 questions. (That makes it 0 comments?)

Pra----- & Nair, you both can answer thru a comment ;)


Blogger Thanu said...

What is it that I love about rains?
LIke how all of a sudden everything quiets down. I love looking out of the window for hours when it rains, it is very peaceful.

What I hate about rains?
It make me very lazy

Worst ever rain?
Nothing bad has happened to me personally with rains.

Best recollection?
I love getting drenched in rain, Last time I did it was 3-4 years ago. We have a huge backyard at home and I just lay on the grass while it rains...

8:13 AM  
Blogger Heart of Gold !! said...

I am not a big rain lover !!
The underlying reason is pretty simple ... its like i hate to pour the first mug of water on myself in the shower!!

Once that is done ... i just love the drenching, playing in the rain, or riding in the rain (believe me it very different and fun too)

Hate ?
whats that ??? i am an angel, i never hate anything ;)
DONT LIKES about rain...........
1. The initial drenching.
2. The inconvenience.
3. Muddy roads with the splash expert trucks to share it with.

Worst ever rain??
Probably, when dad was driving down from tvm to kotarakara (i would have driven, but considering that i was only in the 11th , i was not allowed to )
Dad drives like he does in the Middle east on indian roads ... and it is sometimes too much to handle for the passengers!!!
Very bad visibility and night with the rain.... we were all praying all through the journey that we get home that night....:p

Best recollection
This one is cool ... i can still see this one like some painting hanging on the hallways of memories...

The whole of the hockey ground used to filled up in muddy brown water.
Then it would flow down the front of the hostel down to the football ground.

We would most probably get a holiday because of floods at thampannoor.
And we would play in the rain ... paper boats.... long sleep in the afternoon.... cool nights.... the look of those drenched trees waving in the wind ... made me wonder if it was their dance of joy for the rain!

I still feel the wet wind blowing on our faces , as we stood on the top of the hostel building and pondered yonder ...

Now i can look at those days .. just like we used to dream of our tommorows then!!

11:09 PM  
Blogger Dr O2 said...

What is it that I love about rains?
I also like the smell of soil :-) Also love the sound.

What I hate about rains?
My car (usually just washed) get dirty agn :-S

Worst ever rain?
Once I fell into a puddle while running to get back home asap.

Best recollection?
On thursdays or fridays we drink hot tea & sometimes ABGUSHT; a traditional food like soup which is perfect for such occasions :-)

Nice post :-)

11:33 PM  
Blogger Arz000n said...

I love the smell of first rain too..



and I hate stepping out in rains...especially when I hafta leave for office in formal clothes and it rains like hell....grrrrrrrr...

5:17 AM  
Blogger Red Lad said...

Gud.. i too lov rain..its so romantic..

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Sunil said...

What is it that I love about rains?
Oolakurayil ninnum veezhunna mazhavellam muttathundakkunna 'Kumilakalude' kshanikatha..
Oru thengin thadam niranju mattonillelyku thullumbunna mazhavallam...
moodi kettiya anthareekshathinu thazhe roudrabhavavumayi kuthi malachozhukunna puzha..

What I hate about rains?
When it comes after fixing the stumbs, winning the toss and elected to bat...

Worst ever rain?
Happended to attend the interview with wet socks...

Best recollection?

1:45 AM  
Blogger Dew Drops said...


that was a psot in itself. sad that u din't giv the link to ur blog ;(

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting idea .. here are some of my thoughts

What is it that I love about rains?
Its raining... rain is becoming so rare in delhi that just the idea of rain itself is exhilarating..

What I hate about rains?
hmmm... the traffic just worsens..

Worst ever rain?
Our house was being built and the day roof was being laid it started raining.. thankfully it didn't last long and no damage was done

Best recollection?
Its raining in winter.. you are at ease in blankets.. friends or close
relatives.. hot chai and pakoraas.. and your favourite movie on T.V.

hopefully the monsoon rains will be here next month.. fed up with this delhi heat :))

3:44 AM  
Blogger Anoop MohanKumar said...

Oh the roasted peanuts from a vendor, right out of his pan of hot sand, with chaaya..hmmmmm..and the paper boats.
You have brought back sweet memoirs.
I want to go home now :(
sweety penned.

4:24 AM  
Blogger Rose said...

Ok.. so here goes....

What is it that I love about rains?
The raindrops... Yep the raindrops that fall rhythmically, each in anticipation of the next, creating a beautiful symphony... The droplets ever so small yet carrying the immense power to the cool down a raging earth... The cold drops that cud drench our very soul seemingly able to wash away all the pain..

I doubt if i luv anything more than a long walk in the rain.. I better stop b4 u slap me ~grin~

What I hate about rains?
Well, the aftermath.. The mud on the roads that keeps splashing onto my churidar while i walk.. The filth, the dirt esp on mumbai roads.. Yuck!

Worst ever rain?
July 26th 2005.. I gues every mumbai-ite who was here at that time wud feel the same. I got stranded in office and had to fight my way home the next day.. I was actually safe.. But that flood took a lot of lives and the sheer manner in which people died shook every1 to the core..

Best Recollection..
A walk in the rain with one of my closest friends in the streets of Hyd, barefooted, licking onto a chocobar and laughing ridiculously away to glory.. one of the best moments of my life actually.. :)

Phew! dun finally :) Iv actually just returned from home and YES its raining cats and dogs back home..

And 'Droppings'!!! Didnt u get a better pic.. I knw u can luk better than THAT!!!



11:43 PM  
Blogger Prash said...

I love the arrival of South West Monsoon in Kerala. I always dream to witness the first rain of the South West Monsoon in Kerala you say the smell of the soil, and those dark deep clouds...lovely!!! but once it starts raining...better to live in a village because i know how it is in cities when it rains!!! :-)

3:19 PM  
Blogger sree said...

why u wrote this..
just to make me sentmental
abut my school..
girls highschool kodakara..
those days.. going wet in auto..
standing out..
when assembly was going n side...
running to the ground in p.t hours..
sitting and paradushanm parachil of latest crushes..

3:20 AM  
Blogger Hermit said...

I googled for "Irulin mahanidrayil" and I was here ! I couldn't resist leaving a comment because, even though I think of and miss the monsoons badly, your post made my condition even more miserable. Nice to meet others sharing the same views .

4:01 AM  

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