Saturday, August 12, 2006

qUoTiNg MySeLf

“You want to think and say that you have everytning you need, but then you realize that something is missing, someone is missing... and once you think you've found it, it goes and disappears on you and you don't understand what to do or even where to start looking for that missing piece of the puzzle. You sit at home in lonely frustration and you just wait...wait...and wait. No where to look, no one to look for...”

~ I didn't write it. And I neither know nor care who did~


It is perfectly human to loath Chocolates, Ice Creams and other Sweets. There is no scientific/mythic/religious proof that only aliens loath them. Even if it is so, it is preferable to be an alien than feel pukish after having them.

It is absolutely possible to remain thin/underweight without the help of any exercise/diet. Especially so, if the whole family is like that.

There is nothing to stare with your mouth open when somebody thinner than you hogs more than you do.

There is no law in even the most anarchic of countries that prohibits to stumble while you walk.

Not being a movie freak doesn't mean you live in 5th century.

Being a girl doesn't necessitates to say Chooo Chwweet and Choo Cute with every other sentence.

Capital punishment is not meant for a bad dressing/make-up sense.

It is possible to get bored of music in 5 minutes.

It is not impossible to live a peaceful and happy life even if the only sport known is Jumping Jacks. Better, if you know NONE.

No sports ~ says Winston Churchill

Eating with spoons doesn't necessarily mean you are sophisticated. You can be plain lazy to clean your hands.

No restaurant prohibits people who sit squat legged and dine.

The knowledge on different types coffee/tea/other beverages served in Cafe Coffee Day is not a measure of your IQ.

It is not a psychic disorder to spend money on books. It is even less so to read what you buy.

It is always possible to eat what you cook even when that seems impossible to others.

There is nothing wrong in not having a driving license.

It is pardonable if you say kuntry for country.

Rice can be eaten all five times a day.

5'2" is not a fatal disorder.

One blunder per day is absolutely normal.

There is nothing disgraceful or to be proud of in admitting/being a mallu. It is nothing more or less than being an Maharashtrian/Tamilian/Kashmiri/Bihari.

Going abroad need not be the ultimate goal of everyone’s life.

Knowing Hindi doesn't include knowing to count in Hindi.

Hyderabadi Hindi is perfect.

You are not necessarily dumb if you ask Pardon Me after every other sentence. The person who is speaking to you can be vague or wrong.

To not fight for the TV remote is not the indication of going mentally retarded.

Having an opinion on everything under the sun can be fatal. Keeping your mouth shut is an art. Even better, if you know how to smile and nod when you are irritated to the core.

It is always better to let go of the argument than waste your energy on arrogant brats who think they just can't be wrong.

Learn to fake. Learn to live.

It is not necessary to consider everyone else as of inferior quality. You can always treat them, atleast, as equals and acknowledge and respect their experince and knowledge. This stands even if you think you are the most brilliant/creative/whatever.

Boys don't cry. I am not a boy.

Girls need not cry. I am still a girl.

Cowboys/SuperMen/Pirates do exist. If they don't, you can always be the first.

Being a non-veggie doesn't mean you live on a staple diet of Chicken/Mutton/Beef/Pork. You can live on a staple diet of fish as well.

Your best friend can get married. Yup, it happens. And the whole rules change (I guess).

Fish is a vegetable.

Chilies are vegetable too.

And last but not the least, coconut adds to the taste.


Anonymous Sanju said...

ummm.. I'm feeling hungry now!

5 meals a day? how ? when? again HOW!!!!

9:06 AM  
Blogger b v n said...

oh....this is dialectics man,WOW!!
Wish I could dictate my terms like this..that was hilarious.yes ,fish is a vegetable,you can be spiderman (i'm already in for superman) and hyderabadi hindi (arey kya hain yaarom...right?) is perfect,want hindi to become more and more perfect like that and finally go to hell :) B\w potrait and a plain statement,what cud one say...subanallah !

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

er, what was the immidiate provaoction?
too lazy to clean ur hands but not lazy enuf to clean the spoons? use-&-throw spoons? :)
the new photo looks like an octopus.
i thought any woman above 18 would hate to be called a GIRL.
er, what was the immediate provocation?

3:13 AM  
Blogger surajsharma said...

further proof of the fact that i'm not the only insane person in blogdom ;)

9:17 AM  
Blogger Adrija said...

It was too good just as usual...and just so very u.

10:42 AM  
Blogger mathew said...


That was an awesome self apprisal!!! ;)

It is always possible to eat what you cook even when that seems impossible to others.

Lol!!..that means it should be really not finishing the sentence... ;)

9:31 PM  
Blogger Lost in trance... said...


i stumble too, every day, ATLEAST once! she now asks " oh ok, innathe kazhinjo?" ?)

and no. u DONT necessarily have to learn to fake to live. its just that u will hafto learn to live without some.

also not true that boys dont cry.

btw, y didyu change ur pic? put it back there.

9:49 PM  
Blogger neermathalam said...

u too brutusini...
going for a self appraisal...
funny as usual..
n for ur solace..many of these...are all applicable 2 mee also.
r all mallus frm kerala...;)

10:15 PM  
Blogger Dew Drops said...

OK. u can b superman. his dressing sense doesn't really appeal to me u c ;))))))))

10:50 PM  
Blogger aqua said...

~Betty Botter had some butter,
But, she said, "this butter's bitter.
If I bake this bitter butter, it would make my batter bitter.
But a bit of better butter that would make my batter better.
So she bought a bit of butter,
better than her bitter butter,
And she baked it in her batter,
and the batter was not bitter.
So 'twas better Betty Botter bought a bit of better butter!~

Reading these sentences quickly and repeatedly is a mark of Wisdom.. or an Ad of the tongue cleaner?!!

2:34 AM  
Blogger Arz000n said...

Rice can be eaten all five times a day.
I need rice....I need rice...
I'm surviving on pizzas and mashed potatoes :(

It is even less so to read what you buy.
I purchased so many books before leaving india...havent read any yet ;)

You can be plain lazy to clean your hands.
I hate spoons...I like to throw forks at ugly people walking down in I harmful?

There is nothing wrong in not having a driving license.
Oh yeah...I so agree with this..

Fish is a vegetable.
So is egg..and chicken and Ham and yes, before I forget Bacon too...Isnt it ??

and I love coconut :D

Damn Im hungry now...and I need indian food :( :(

4:20 AM  
Blogger usg said...

the 20 odd commandments of an era when mallus marry punjus and produce guys like me..

4:52 AM  
Blogger Kautilya said...

*Learn to fake. Learn to live.*

agree on the coconut thing in the last quote...

I am ready to wage a war against ppl who dont think so...

10:37 PM  
Anonymous Hiren said...

Very interesting statements. I liked the ones on opinion and arguments

10:47 PM  
Blogger Inder said...

// It is not impossible to live a peaceful and happy life even if the only sport known is Jumping Jacks.

very true.

you are still an indian even if you are not crazy about cricket :)

4:14 AM  
Blogger Ajay said...

fish is a vegetable ;) hehe what re ?

12:01 PM  
Blogger Arjun Ramakrishnan said...

here's another useful quote:

"Do what you want to do and overdo it".

everything's alright isn't it? just being what we are, that's the best way to go about it in my opinion.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Praseeth said...

Haha..that was gud..
BTW..aarodaa ee deshyam..

4:18 AM  
Blogger Dew Drops said...

to myself. am in a big mess. and i am dam drowned that i c no way of pulling myself up ;(((((

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Praseeth said...

Don't worry dear,everything will be alright in the end.
And as someone said, if it's not alright it's not the end.

4:51 AM  
Blogger the sunflower said...

a character analysis for the self???


4:57 AM  
Blogger atish said...

detailed and hilarious....
nice post :D

5:32 AM  
Blogger Fleiger said...

3. Surprise is emoted differently in different humans.
5. 5th century? No way... more like BC
8. Any specific type of music?
9. Is that the one you play in white dress and white shoes?
11. Wholeheartedly agree... I haven't eaten rice by hand since I was in 5th grade.
13. No, it just shows your level of addiction
14. Again, whole. ag.
18. 5 times? Rice?
20. Below average... most people make 1.25 as per figures
21. Kya miyan???

And finally, what do you want to be? Supergirl (can't say Superman can I), Cowgirl (same as ab.) or a pirate?

8:20 AM  
Blogger jac said...


Beautifully written.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Dhanush said...

Well.. That Last Quote was the Best. Jai Naaleekeram.

PS : your new pic absolutely resembles you ;)Good one

2:24 AM  
Blogger yetanother.softwarejunk said...

"It is always better to let go of the argument than waste your energy on arrogant brats who think they just can't be wrong."

Recently faced this issue. so I can understand its depth.

btw where is ur beautiful profile photo!!! I wonder why u changed it.


7:27 AM  
Anonymous Sanju said...

I remember getting a forward once which was along the same tone as ur post...

Had forgotten to say that ur post sounds even more cuter than the forward which itself was real good :)

BTW on vacation? or is the NRI eating ur head?

9:17 PM  
Blogger Pradeep said...


10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are so utterly lovely :)

6:45 AM  
Blogger Dotm said...

They say you can be whatever you want to be- partially true.
They say eating 5 small meals a day if better than eating 3 big meals a day. Sounds reasonable.
Good post.

10:56 AM  
Blogger starry nights said...

nice post dew drops. just stopped to say hello.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Arun said...

this is really hilarious :-)
U have cleverly embedded some of ur qualities out here too, I guess so.;-)
Was it to make a statement??
An Impression like..this is you, n it wil be U no matter wat happens on the other side??
I hope u got me??


4:16 AM  
Blogger Ranga, The Raja said...

Hey Dew Drops(?),

That was a lovely post!!!
I enjoyed reading it..,

7:12 AM  
Blogger Jeseem said...

am smiling after reading ur post.
i thght i was only one, who was vattu-case, but no :)
guess it is ok to be urself.
"treat everyone as equal n acknowledge n respect "
interesting , accepting smone's superior skills in smthing but not treating them as superior or inferior.
hyderabadi hindi is fundu (well its the only one i know).
Going abroad is not ultimate goal, yeah but seeing a different culture can enrich u. n smtimes u fit in better, in outside culture, than where u r. got to try everything. rt :)

8:01 AM  
Blogger Nishant Chandgotia said...

Hyderabadi Hindi is perfect.????
fish as a must be die hard non vegetarian haann....
"Not being a movie freak doesn't mean you live in 5th century.Being a girl doesn't necessitates to say Chooo Chwweet and Choo Cute with every other sentence."
"Boys don't cry. I am not a boy.Girls need not cry. I am still a girl."

You must be a real comedian right...

nice nice...

11:14 AM  

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