Monday, August 21, 2006


DD died last night, sharp at 24:00:00. It was a peaceful death, she was a happy soul and died with a smile on her face.

May her soul rest in peace. It sure was an eventful life.

A valedictory Note

“I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.”
~Quoting E. E. Cummings


This is a thank you note. A note to all of you whom I have ever met (here or in the virtual world outside), for enriching my life. You guys are amazing, and leave me at a loss of words to express my gratitude.

Yet, there are certain "those ones" I am particularly grateful to.

Thanks to Achan & Amma, for giving up your lives for ours.

Thank Achan, for making a second dish whenever I didn't like the dinner.

Thanks Amma, for still buying me all those matching-matching ear rings.

Thanks brother, for telling me no one can love me more than you do and for buying me all those tiny gifts.

Thanks to Elayamma, for being my second Mom.

Thanks to AJ, for everything. For taking the brunt of my outbursts. I know I had been unfair. I know I am still.

Thanks to J, for understanding me. I admire your personality.

Thanks to Nair, for telling me that Mr.Nair won't come between us.

Thanks to Sari, for still being concerned.

Thanks to Joy, for being my Joy.

Thanks to RT, for being an elder brother all the time. I am obliged to you all my life.

Thansk to every one in Hyderabad for those wonderful days.

Thanks to Sruthi, for accommodating my messy world in your spic & span room.

Thanks to Rafeeq, and you know why.

Thanks to Praseeth, and you know why too.

Thanks to Netti, for being the epitome of innocence I have seen.

Thanks to Kuttan, Manoj & Sajith, for being a phone call away, anytime.

Thanks to all my STASian pals, for those wonderful years.

Thanks to KS & Arjun, for being real from virtual.

Thanks to Babes, for just being Babes.

Thanks to Parul, for taking me in. (And sorry for all unintentional troubles)

Thanks to my Phirang colleagues, for improving my ability to understand English movies.

Thanks to Mr.NRI, for increasing my level of patience.

Thanks to NK Sir, for being a inspirational senior.

Thanks to Boss, for being the greatest Boss of the world.

Thanks to Big Boss, for being such a great Big Boss.

Thaks to "Eletta Sister", for being my first teacher and greatest of all.

Thanks to Kannan Sir, for being the best memory of my MBA days.

Thanks to all of you in this big net of internet, for choosing to know me.

Thanks to Blogger, for making DD who lived MY life.

And if I have missed anyone, that is 'cos I find "Thank You" too much of a cliche to show you my gratitude.


We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
~Thornton Wilder

Saturday, August 12, 2006

qUoTiNg MySeLf

“You want to think and say that you have everytning you need, but then you realize that something is missing, someone is missing... and once you think you've found it, it goes and disappears on you and you don't understand what to do or even where to start looking for that missing piece of the puzzle. You sit at home in lonely frustration and you just wait...wait...and wait. No where to look, no one to look for...”

~ I didn't write it. And I neither know nor care who did~


It is perfectly human to loath Chocolates, Ice Creams and other Sweets. There is no scientific/mythic/religious proof that only aliens loath them. Even if it is so, it is preferable to be an alien than feel pukish after having them.

It is absolutely possible to remain thin/underweight without the help of any exercise/diet. Especially so, if the whole family is like that.

There is nothing to stare with your mouth open when somebody thinner than you hogs more than you do.

There is no law in even the most anarchic of countries that prohibits to stumble while you walk.

Not being a movie freak doesn't mean you live in 5th century.

Being a girl doesn't necessitates to say Chooo Chwweet and Choo Cute with every other sentence.

Capital punishment is not meant for a bad dressing/make-up sense.

It is possible to get bored of music in 5 minutes.

It is not impossible to live a peaceful and happy life even if the only sport known is Jumping Jacks. Better, if you know NONE.

No sports ~ says Winston Churchill

Eating with spoons doesn't necessarily mean you are sophisticated. You can be plain lazy to clean your hands.

No restaurant prohibits people who sit squat legged and dine.

The knowledge on different types coffee/tea/other beverages served in Cafe Coffee Day is not a measure of your IQ.

It is not a psychic disorder to spend money on books. It is even less so to read what you buy.

It is always possible to eat what you cook even when that seems impossible to others.

There is nothing wrong in not having a driving license.

It is pardonable if you say kuntry for country.

Rice can be eaten all five times a day.

5'2" is not a fatal disorder.

One blunder per day is absolutely normal.

There is nothing disgraceful or to be proud of in admitting/being a mallu. It is nothing more or less than being an Maharashtrian/Tamilian/Kashmiri/Bihari.

Going abroad need not be the ultimate goal of everyone’s life.

Knowing Hindi doesn't include knowing to count in Hindi.

Hyderabadi Hindi is perfect.

You are not necessarily dumb if you ask Pardon Me after every other sentence. The person who is speaking to you can be vague or wrong.

To not fight for the TV remote is not the indication of going mentally retarded.

Having an opinion on everything under the sun can be fatal. Keeping your mouth shut is an art. Even better, if you know how to smile and nod when you are irritated to the core.

It is always better to let go of the argument than waste your energy on arrogant brats who think they just can't be wrong.

Learn to fake. Learn to live.

It is not necessary to consider everyone else as of inferior quality. You can always treat them, atleast, as equals and acknowledge and respect their experince and knowledge. This stands even if you think you are the most brilliant/creative/whatever.

Boys don't cry. I am not a boy.

Girls need not cry. I am still a girl.

Cowboys/SuperMen/Pirates do exist. If they don't, you can always be the first.

Being a non-veggie doesn't mean you live on a staple diet of Chicken/Mutton/Beef/Pork. You can live on a staple diet of fish as well.

Your best friend can get married. Yup, it happens. And the whole rules change (I guess).

Fish is a vegetable.

Chilies are vegetable too.

And last but not the least, coconut adds to the taste.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Those were the days!!!!!!!!!!

~Posting my friendship day mail to our yahoo group~

I believe in angels,
The kind that heaven sends,
I am surrounded by angels,
But I call them friends.
~ Aizabel Parinas ~

One fine day we all came together under one roof, stayed there for three years and became friends for a lifetime. It is said the most enjoyable age is the college days. I bet, it is.

I don't think I can name a single textbook or the most repeated theory. But I can still recollect all my STASian pals.

Innocent Netti and Industrious Susan
Kuttan, the terror Yet so dear
Remla, the beauty and Rupa, the chirpy
Ajay, the loverboy and Anish, the funniest
AH the smoker and Sajith the brightest
Ayana, the gem and Dhanya, the sweetest
Lipsa, the bubbly and Gisha, the smartest
Sherry, the humblest and Nazia, the dancer
Saritha, the Japanese and Manoj, the techy
Vibin, beyond words and Suresh, the Chairman
Viju, the best and Ranjith, the missing
Jovary, the youngest and Dilip, the eldest
Thecki, with specs and Enos, the thinnest
Navya, the cutest and Rekha, the bookish
Jisha, the shortest and Vijesh, the tallest
Sreejith, the cyclist and Sreeja, the pious
CR, the rep and Praveen, the elusive
Bini, the smiley and Appukkuttan, the enigma
Geo, the fairest and Reeja, the forgotten
Akhila, the pretty and Sanfi, the quietest

And if you think your name is not there cos I forgot you, naaaaaaa. Its just that my vocabulary is run out of adjectives ;)))

Half a decade passed by and we still hear about each other.

May our bond of friendship last forever !!!!!!!!!

~If any of my STASian pals reading this, I just want to tell you - Those were the days !!!!!!!! ~